What to do if you need to use a process server in another state

Published on
March 3, 2023
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I. Introduction
 A. Definition of Process Server
 B. Overview of NALSSP

II. Benefits of NALSSP
 A. Online Directory of Process Servers
 B. Educational and Networking Opportunities
 C. Commitment to Excellence
III. How to Use NALSSP if You Need a Process Server in Another State
 A. Research Qualified Process Servers
 B. Contact the Process Server to Discuss Your Needs
 C. Confirm Licensing, Insurance, and NALSSP Standing
 D. Handle All Payment and Documentation Logistics
 E. Verify All Documents are Delivered to the Appropriate Parties
IV. Conclusion
 A. Summary of Benefits of Using NALSSP
 B. Benefits of Working with Qualified and Experienced Process Servers