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NALSSP.COM is an essential resource for anyone in the legal support service industry.

Our comprehensive online directory is designed to enhance the web presence of the legal support service professionals community and connect them with prospective clients who require their services.

It features a wide range of service categories and is easy for users offering and/or seeking professional assistance for a variety of needs.

The directory is designed to be user-friendly and easy to navigate, ensuring that both providers and clients can quickly find the services they need.

In addition, NALSSP.COM will provide valuable business and professional development resources for subscribers and a range of advertising options to further increase online visibility and attract more clients.

Why should I register my services on NALSSP.COM?

It is essential that legal support service professionals have a strong online presence and utilize targeted digital marketing to increase brand visibility and attract potential clients. NALSSP.COM is designed to achieve these goals.

NALSSP.COM is an effective and affordable way for you to market your professional legal support services and acquire clients online. Your directory profile listing can serve as your primary digital marketing tool or as the perfect compliment to other professional association memberships, marketing services and other efforts.

Our directory is professionally administered and maintained by a team of experts dedicated to helping your business grow by providing an efficient self-serve experience that gives users control over their own profile and brand management.

Your business will benefit from NALSSP.COM being marketed on highly visible internet platforms to help its subscribers stand out and succeed within a highly competitive cyberscape, including social media and email marketing. Our team works diligently to connect our users with prospective clients who are actively searching for professionals in local areas.

NALSSP.COM offers monthly and annual subscriptions to meet the needs of professionals and businesses large and small, with plans starting as low as $5.00 per month. Users have the option to select a profile with varying features, including multiple geographic locations and service categories with URL integration, video, blog and branding customization.

In addition, NALSSP.COM makes professional and business development consulting services available to Pro and Edge Plan subscribers.

Our directory is an excellent resource for legal professionals looking to build their personal brand, expand their online footprint, and advance their careers

CHOOSE the subscription plan that best suits your needs to help grow your business!


What is the difference between NALSSP.COM and other prominent professional associations or directories?

The Network of American Legal Support Service Professionals is an online marketing solution designed to connect the community of individuals, businesses and organizations representing diverse fields of practice throughout the legal industry.

As a listed NALSSP.COM professional you will enjoy many benefits that traditional associations provide, including introduction to new colleagues, public endorsement, marketing support, networking opportunities, professional development for career advancement and access to community resources.

Many NALSSP.COM professionals are members of local, national and international associations supporting their respective fields of practice. Together we will endeavor to enrich the collaborative experience throughout the legal support services community.

Professionals with these affiliations are welcome and encouraged to join our network with the added benefit of promotional rates on our annual subscription plans.

NALSSP.COM is not an association. Therefore it offers a unique self-serve experience that empowers each professional with the freedom to manage their own integrated profile.

NALSSP.COM professionals enjoy value added profile features beyond what other associations and marketing services provide.

Such as:

- Competitive pricing

- Profiles with multiple business location listings included in one flat subscription rate plan.

- Our “Quote Request” feature for select Process Servers which enables prospective clients to request estimates via email blast to professionals in local zip codes.

- Individual branding, blogging, video, and social media integration within select profiles.

NALSSP.COM engages in active marketing campaigns to reach end user clients and expand our community of experts within each service category.

We are friendly to new professionals and start-up businesses. Many associations and services do not accept or nurture those who are just beginning their journey into the legal support services industry.

NALSSP.COM does not have committees or groups that act as governing bodies over the community. We respect the independence of our subscribers and do not interfere with their business affairs. We trust that the professionals and clients utilizing the network are best suited to make their own decisions. However, by setting clear expectations of professional and ethical standards, we encourage our registered network of professionals to work together in good faith to develop and maintain healthy business relationships.

NALSSP.COM does not get involved in disputes that arise between subscribers and clients and no grievance procedures are administered through this site or its administrators. We strongly encourage all parties to make earnest efforts to resolve disputes amicably and be careful about airing grievances publicly online. Such expressions may be disproportionately harmful to all parties beyond the value of the initial dispute and may subject those involved to costly legal consequences. We recommend utilizing a NALSSP.COM registered mediator to assist in resolving any issues before pursuing additional legal recourse.

NALSSP.COM reserves the right to decline, terminate and/or remove subscribers at its sole discretion, at any time, without cause, notice or refund of any funds paid.

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